Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Floral Pants

Blazer: JC Penny // Tee: Lacoste // Pants: Reitmans

Hi Everyone! This is an outfit I wore this weekend. I really love the floral pants but I wish they were a little bit longer. Being 5'11 it is so hard to find pants that are long enough. I usually end up having to stand on the bottom of the pants and stretch the legs longer (tall girls you know what I am talking about). But anyways I still love the look and the length is alright for spring.

I've been car shopping this weekend (which is exciting and scary at the same time). I want to make the right decision lol. I love the look of a small hatchback so that is what I have been looking at. I think they are really cute. I am going to test drive some more this week. If you have any recommendations let me know!!


  1. Honda Fit coz you're a fit girl!!!

  2. Lol! Let's see. I'm going to test drive them on Thursday :)