Monday, April 22, 2013

Pen Centre Purchases

Hi All! Sorry I have been so bad with posting this last week. I will try to get into more of a routine. The nicer weather will make me feel like dressing up and taking outfit pics. As promised, I told you I would show you a couple items I picked up at the Pen Centre last week. Since I have done a lot of shopping lately, many of my upcoming posts will feature my new purchases. I will try to do a video this week with my new purchases too because it makes it easier to see.

I only bought two things while I was at the Pen Centre. The first is a red Kenneth Cole handbag. I really like it a lot. I found it at Winners and it was only $19.99. I thought that was a pretty good bargain and I'm sure it will get lots of use this summer. The second item I bought was just the Bed Head Dumb Blonde Leave In Conditioner. It has a fantastic smell and really helps to smooth any frizziness.

Tomorrow I will post more new items from my shopping trip to the states :)



  1. Can't wait to see all your purchases! Fingers crossed that you have a good week.

    1. Thanks Becca! I am just going to post a haul video now.