Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Prep for Fashion Week

Tomorrow is the day!!! I will be attending my first 'real' fashion show in Toronto. I'm so excited but a little nervous. Of course I spent time picking my outfits tonight. I wish it weren't so cold outside though.  The shows I am attending tomorrow are Soia and Kyo, and Caitlin Power.

I thought I would share a post on what I am doing to get ready for Toronto World MasterCard Fashion Week.

I haven't shared any pics yet but I got my hair done on the weekend. I was debating about getting a bold bang but I went for it and I am happy. It is a nice change.

I have been using Philosophy exfoliator for the past couple days to get my skin nice and smooth. I have also been using Jergens Natural Glow on my legs and arms to give my skin a nice glow (they are ghost white eek!). I also painted my nails a nice burgundy colour...perfect for the fall.

I spent time shopping and trying on different outfit combinations. I want to make sure I look stylish and trendy but still warm and comfortable. I am happy with my choices so far. I'll show you pics later.

Have you attended any shows this week?

Thanks for reading!

- Jessie Mac

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  1. Ooh, bangs!! I like them. Ghost white... just in time for Halloween.