Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Giant Tiger Outfit

Turtleneck: Giant Tiger ($8.00) // Pencil Skirt: Giant Tiger ($10.00) // Accessories: Smart Set
Here is the outfit that I wore on TV. Because I was showcasing holiday outfits I thought I should wear something that could be worn to a holiday party too. This skirt is really quite cool. It is almost leather-like and it has a really nice design on the material. Perfect for a holiday skirt. The turtleneck comes in lots of different colours but I liked the all black look because it is chic! The accessories are from Smart Set. As you can see it is really easy to put together a holiday look on a budget. I only spent $18.00 at Giant Tiger on these two pieces and then I used gold jewellery I already had. They have tons of different outfit options too. Lots of different sparkly tops…make sure to check out your local store!
Here is a link to their website (

Thanks for reading!

Jessie Mac

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