Friday, May 3, 2013

Red Brick Part II

Jacket: H&M // Tank Top: Winners // Jeans: H&M // Watch: Gift from my cousin Becca :)

Here are some more pics from the outfit I posted yesterday. I really love these jeans. They are coated jeans meant to give a leather look. I went for the rose gold jewelry with the all black. I think it looks nice. I am still getting comfortable posing for the camera. I am trying to do some more natural shots instead of me just standing there. Sunny is really good at telling me how to pose. Hopefully I can be more creative in future posts.

So I test drove a bunch of cars yesterday and I am pretty sure I have narrowed it down to three; Mazda 2, Nissan Juke or Mini Cooper. If anyone has an suggestions please let me know. I am going to make a pros and cons list and make my decision this weekend. I'll let you know what I decide.

Have a happy Friday!



  1. I love the rose gold jewellery! Oooh those are awesome car choices. The Nissan Juke looks ao interesting. Was it a good drive? We love our Soul. Will you ever need to move furniture or drive around with a cousin's baby in a carseat? That could rule out the mini ; )

    1. The Nissan Juke was really nice to drive. It is at the top of the list but I'm giving myself the weekend to make the final decision. The Juke would definitely fit a carseat in the back :) lol

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