Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Blogger Bazaar

Dress: Found at Winners by Katsumi 

Hi All,

Sorry I haven't posted since last Wednesday!!!! As I said, we have been having internet problems and they still aren't fixed so I am having to post from William's Coffee Pub. 

Anyways, here are some pics from last weekend. Sorry they are a bit late but I thought you would like to see them anyways. Some popular fashion bloggers from Toronto hosted a Blogger Bazaar where they sold designer items at great deals. It was fun and I got to meet one of my fav Toronto fashion bloggers, Nelia (as pictured above). Check out her blog at http://styleblog.ca/. I actually didn't end up buying anything because I am trying to be on a spending freeze lol, but it was still nice to check out the items and mingle with everyone. 

The dress I am wearing is from Winners by Katsumi. I really love the style and the pattern. Check out your local Winners because they will probably still have some available.

Thanks for reading!

- Jessie

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