Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Scottish Plaid

Top: Winners // Shorts: Campus Crew // Plain Shirt: H&M // Shoes: Ardene // Sunglass: H&M

I represented my roots this weekend by wearing this Scottish plaid shirt around my waist (I'm pretty sure it is close to my tartan lol). These are some pics from Toronto on the weekend. My outfit is simple and casual and perfect to wear around the city. I really like wearing the plaid shirt around my waist because it gives a more laid-back (grunge) look. It is also useful if it gets chilly at night. I will definitely be sporting different versions of this look in the future...even into fall. 

The first pictures were taken at Pearson Airport. We spent some time there Saturday morning watching the planes take-off and land. It is amazing to see...especially when a big plane lands.

P.S. I just love dogs so I was so happy when I got the chance to spend some time with these cute puppies. 



  1. Adorable puppies!! You know, Kris is partly responsible for those big planes being able to land haha. They make landing gear for all the biggest airplanes.

    1. They were so cute.
      Lol really?? It is fun to watch them land...but sometimes a bit scary hah!